Dog Kennels


If you think all Dog Kennels are alike, you haven’t been shopping at Lapp Structures. We can make you a customized Dog Kennel, where you select any size or style of our full sized sheds that meets your landscape design, then convert it to a kennel or kennel/workshop/shed combination.

To do this we add a run area made of composite decking that has a chain link fence (and gate), under a porch with either a cathedral ceiling or a loft with access from the interior. There is a clear-view dog door available in various sizes to suit your breed of dog. This door leads into an interior box that is lined with sealed fiberglass reinforced plastic on the floor, walls & ceiling. The sizes of the pen & the shed are completely customizable, not to mention in any siding of your choice.

We also offer standardized Dog Kennel Kits as an affordable alternative to our custom units; you can take a look at them here.