Design Your DreamSpace

You have so many choices in backyard structures, it can be almost overwhelming. So here’s an easy way to find what you really want.  Just follow the questionnaire below, and you will be able to find everything you want (and more).


You CAN have more

It all starts with how you want to use your backyard structure. Just looking for storage? That’s easy. Looking for an at-home office, workout and fitness room, hobby shop, art studio, gardening studio, entertainment center, home theater, children’s playhouse or playroom? You can find any of those and much more right here.  That’s why we call them DreamSpaces™. They bring your dreams to life in your backyard.


You can have it longer

Before you get started, don’t forget to consider this:  ordinary “sheds” have a life expectancy of between 8 and 12 years.  Our backyard structures are designed to last decades.  So consider what you might want to use your DreamSpace for after you have finished using it for its initial use.  For instance, you may start just wanting some extra storage space.  Five years later, you may decide you want an at-home office.  Eight years later, you may decide you really need an entertainment center for friends and family in the backyard.  It happens all the time.


Think ahead to the next use

So, instead of having to buy a completely new structure, consider what the next use might be and invest in something that will work then, too.  One way to do that is to browse through some of the uses listed below and then let us help you think through what kinds of structures you might consider for those uses.  You may find that a completely different type of structure will work better both now and in the future.  Then you save money AND potentially add lots more value to your home.

One great example is creating storage with a “garage” that also has useful space upstairs. That new space might become a rental apartment later that generates ongoing income. Or make it your dream “man-cave”. The possibilities are nearly endless.

So have fun.  See what’s possible.  Then give us a call and let us help you create your dream.

So, let’s start…

How do you want to use your DreamSpaces™ structure?


How large does it need to be?

A good rule of thumb is to allow a minimum of 15-50 square feet for every person who will be in your structure at any given time (depending upon the activities you expect to occur in that space).  For instance, a game room for six persons should have at least 90 square feet of open floor space (or a 10’x10′ floor).  Obviously, if one or two persons are going to use that structure for hobbies, they may need 90 square feet of space as a minimum to be able store tools and equipment as well as work on those crafts.  

We can create your structure to almost any dimensions… from a small shed to just protect your lawn mower to a backyard warehouse or complete home.  When you call, one of our design consultants will be glad to help you think through the right size and dimensions for your DreamSpace.


Do you want additional storage or useful space?

The two most common ways to add additional storage in your structure are a loft or shelving.

A loft is like adding a partial “second floor.” Even in smaller structures, you can often add a 4-foot to 6-foot deep loft that creates plenty of additional storage for things you don’t need all that often. You can even have a ladder that allows you to get up there easily. For children’s play spaces, a loft can become a sleeping area or “secret” meeting place. Depending upon the height of the walls, you can have a complete second floor on your structure. That’s a great way to add an office or rental space to a garage.


The next thing to think about is doors.  What kind and how many do you need?

For instance, if you plan to initially use your structure for a lawn tractor or car, you will certainly want either an overhead door or double doors that leave a large opening. You have many choices with either overhead or double doors. Single prehung doors with glass make great entrance doors for easy access. You can check out all the choices here. Most structures do not have more than one overhead or double door, but occasionally more than one is exactly what’s needed for your use. We can help you think through how and where to place multiple large doors to get the most benefit from them.

Most structures do not have more than one overhead or double door, but occasionally more than one is exactly what’s needed for your use.  We can help you think through how and where to place multiple larger doors to get the most benefit from them.


Windows are more important than most people think. How many do you need and where do you want them?

If you plan on working inside your structure, you will certainly want windows. Natural daylight makes any space more comfortable and more useful. If you are planning on having an office or workshop, be sure to consider having as many windows as you can. After even an hour in a windowless environment, most people find themselves feeling less than enthusiastic about whatever it is they are doing.

With options ranging from quaint tilt-in wood sash windows to vinyl insulated windows and skylights, you have many window choices to choose from. You can see them here.


Do you have any special considerations?

Do you have hilly terrain that must be considered? How about water runoff during heavy rain? Will you have difficult access to your property due to trees or other obstacles?

If so, don’t worry. We can help you find a great solution. Just make sure you have told us about anything that might be a problem… or an opportunity. For instance, one of our customers had a very creative idea. He had us build a wine-tasting room on top of a steep bank with the wine cellar dug into the bank below. His friends could then just climb up and down a spiral staircase to the wine cellar. Talk about adding value to your property!


Want to build it yourself as a kit?

We can do that. We can palletize most sheds… even custom-designed ones. Just let us know and we can help you design the right kit for your needs. Talk to any of our helpful design consultants and create the perfect shed kit for your needs, budget, and property.