Dog Kennel Kits


Who doesn’t like to sit in the shade on a hot summer day, or stay warm and dry during the rain, snow and cold? Your dog is not different. Today’s pet owner does not need to resort to keeping their dog isolated in a small cage all day while the household is at work or school.

With our Dog Kennel Kits, we offer the quality that Lapp Structures is known for, combined with the advantage of easy shipping in a kit form. This allows you to save on the cost of delivery by shipping long distances by common carrier freight, or more local customers can even pick it up with their own trailer, eliminating delivery costs altogether. Our step-by-step Assembly Manual, complete with detailed photos, will guide you through the setup – you can make it a family project and memory maker in itself. There is also the option to have it delivered as a finished unit locally.

Dog Kennel Kits come in four sizes; 6’x10′, 8’x10′, 8’x12′, and 8’x14′. Our standard siding choice is painted wood LP SmartPanel siding, although Vinyl and unpainted wood Board & Batten siding is also available. The interior dog box is insulated and sealed with fiberglass reinforced plastic on the floor, walls & ceiling. It also features a single walk-in door and one 14×21 slider window with safety glass. Sidewalls are 5′ high. As with our custom Dog Kennels, we will custom fit the clear-view dog door for your breed of dog, giving the freedom to access the run area. The dog run is constructed with a chain-link perimeter with gate and durable composite flooring.

If you are looking to customize your kennel or combine it with a shed or workshop, please click here to visit our custom Dog Kennels page.