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Storage Shed Function: The Footprint

Has just the thought of pulling everything out of the shed to locate what you need caused you to procrastinate from doing that chore in the first place? That’s why the beginning step of purchasing a storage shed should be considering its functional storage.

I often have homeowners walk in with well-laid floor plans of where the snow blower, lawnmower, garden tools, bird seed, etc. all will go without any consideration of how to reach the items, let alone getting them out.  Sure they will fit, but the shed doesn’t function.

With just a little attention to access paths & traffic pattern, the structure will function better without you’re have to crawl over one thing to reach another. This is not necessarily a cause for a price increase, since every shed comes with doors & windows anyway. It is often simply just pre-planning in the floor design.

organized storage shed backyard shed organization

Taking time to making sure there is enough room & proper door placement will go a long way in your satisfaction with your shed in the future. Once the outbuilding size for the things you need to store is established, we will help you with the design to make your storage shed reflect the style of your existing home & your personality. We aren’t here just to sell sheds, but to help you build your space, combining form & function. After determining the foot print, the fun begins!

Looking forward to function-designing with you

– Linda


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