Studio Shed


With a double row of windows, this style easily fills up with light, giving way to creativity as you compose, dance, write, weave, paint, or sit and contemplate how you will be spending the rest of your day.
We all know that lighting is an important element in our work setting, and optimizing our space with natural lighting is everyone’s first choice. The higher row of windows on our Studio works effectively with the important and powerful tool of natural light to reduce shadows. This has a huge impact on productivity and alertness, not to mention the reduced strain your eyes. Capturing the entire tonal range this space truly conveys a mood and atmosphere that fosters creativity in a relaxing way.
The difference between natural daylight and artificial lighting during the day carries its impact on us into the evening, affecting our cognitive performance, but this DreamSpace needn’t be vacated in the evening. It’s a great place to simply sit back and enjoy the golden hour when everything looks beautiful and magical, by star gazing or just enjoying friends and family without feeling “cooped-up”. With its front wall reaching 10 feet high this structure can still be delivered and placed on a stone pad or on your poured foundation. The 8″ overhangs add style as well. Available with a variety of window choices and siding types, we can customize to meet your particular situation.