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Home gym shed.

6 Reason Why Sheds Make the Perfect Home Gym

Strong, and Level Foundation

Shed interior.
New England Barn with Tongue and Groove 2”x8” flooring

A home gym requires a flat and sturdy floor to safely set up most weightlifting equipment. While some may think of their garage or basement as their best option, concrete floors can sometimes be graded to direct moisture to a drain pipe. This means larger equipment like cable machines and squat racks will sit unevenly and can potentially be a safety issue. 

When designing your home gym DreamSpace, consider our Tongue and Groove 2”x8” flooring. These floors are made to support large amounts of weight without bowing, and can hold up to impact from any dropped weights.

Exposed Studs for Easy Installation

SHed interior.

Wall-mounted, multipurpose “Total Gyms” like Tonal have been growing in popularity. It’s easy to see why. They offer a complete workout using a machine that barely takes up any space. The catch is that it needs to be securely fastened to your home’s framing before you can use it. This can pose an issue for those with older plaster walls, or those who’d rather not damage their homes walls

Luckily, a home gym shed is built with exposed studs ready to use. We build our shed frames with industry standard 16” on center studs, which is compatible with most wall mounted machines. And, in most cases, the studs are exposed meaning there’s no guesswork required during installation.  

Total Home Gym Climate Control

Shed interior.

Keeping your home gym comfortable during your workout is more important than you think. A hot gym can stifle anyones motivation to work out. Plus, the potential for heat exhaustion is much higher.

Luckily, a Lapp Structures shed’s temperature can easily be controlled with a ductless mini split HVAC system. The wall mounted evaporator takes up next to no space inside, while the noisier condenser stays outside. You can even take this comfort a step further and have spray foam insulation installed to save on heating and cooling costs.

Vertical Space

Custom Roof Pitch

Many workouts like overhead presses will require you to lift above your head. This can be an issue for some using their basement as a home gym because the ceiling isn’t high enough to allow full range of motion. 

When designing your perfect home gym, consider a style with a steeper roof pitch to allow more vertical space. A New England Barn, Colonial Garden Shed, or perhaps even a standard Garden Shed would be perfect shed styles. 

Double Doors for Easy Set-up

Garden Shed Garage with 2 sets of Wood Transom Double Doors

Some workout equipment can be rather large. Take for instance this Smith Machine measuring in at a whopping 83.5”L x 67.8”W. Trying to move something like that inside your home can be a challenge, especially when you have to bring it down cramped hallways and staircases. 

By comparison, moving something this size into a shed is hardly a problem at all. First of all, your home gym shed will always be at ground level, meaning no stairs to deal with. Secondly, you can customize your shed with spacious double doors, or even overhead garage doors. Whether you need to move in a treadmill, elliptical, or squat rack, it’s never an issue when you’re using a shed. 

Built with Your Needs in Mind

Ultimately, the best part about using a shed as your home gym is that it’s totally customized for your specific needs. Whatever your fitness needs may be, our design consultants can help guild you to your perfect DreamSpace. Whether it’s extra outlets, climate control, or higher walls, our team has the knowledge and experience to make your dream a reality.


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