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Artist Studio shed.
Artist Studio shed.
Artist Studio shed.
Artist Studio shed.
Artist Studio shed.
Artist Studio shed.
Artist Studio shed.
Artist Studio shed.

Artist Studio

Find your inspiration in a space designed to foster creativity. Our DreamSpaces give you the solitude and tranquility you need to tap into your inner potential to do your best work. With dozens of options, your home art studio will be uniquely yours.

A Backyard Studio to Inspire You

Art is personal. It’s a reflection of yourself, your feelings, and your perspective, so it’s not surprising that many artists prefer to seclude themselves when the creative bug bites. The freedom from the distraction and noise of everyday life helps to center our thoughts and allow our best work to come forward.

DreamSpaces by Lapp Structures will help you design the perfect studio for the art you create. One size doesn’t fit all, so we have different ideas whether you’re a quilter or pottery maker or musician — our design consultants have experience in creating useful and visually appealing studio spaces.

A home art studio is a great idea, and especially in one of our sheds. It’s close enough to home that it’s easy to get to, yet secluded enough that it keeps the noise out. No matter what you’re creating, DreamSpaces by Lapp Structures can tailor your art studio to your specific needs.

Art Studio Ideas for Your Backyard Retreat

Here are just a few ideas to get you started on imagining what your DreamSpace could be!

  • A music studio
  • A gallery
  • A pottery barn
  • A spot to paint and draw
  • A place to knit or quilt
  • …or simply just an inspiration space. It’s up to you!

What Will Your Home Art Studio Look Like?

Like your art, your new structure should reflect your personality. Consider the following options when dreaming of your perfect space!

  • Storage and organization: lofts, pegboards, workbenches or shelving
  • Electrical package: To power your art tools, computers, and lights
  • Vents: gable, roof, or soffit
  • Spray foam insulated floor
  • Dormers: shed, reverse gable or Cape Cod
  • Roof upgrades: cedar shake, ribbed metal or standing-seam metal
  • Siding upgrades: beaded vinyl, HardiePlank, board-and-batten, cedar shake (and more)
  • Window upgrades: insulated, wood sash, arched wood sash and transom
  • Shutters: wood slat, vinyl raised panel or vinyl louvered
  • Cupola: louvered or windowed

Have any questions, or want to lean on our artists here for additional inspiration? Contact us today, and our representatives will be glad to help you design and built the perfect home art studio.

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