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dream home gym exercise at home

Exercise Room

Why drive to exercise when you can have your own home gym shed? Get on the road towards a healthier life by making it easier than ever to get fit in your own backyard. Say goodbye to outrageous gym fees!
custom shed to match historic building

Historic Structures

A modern shed just doesn’t look right when it sits next to a historic structure. We can recreate historical buildings in shed form, so your new structure matches the architectural feel of your property.
dream home office work from home

Home Office

Working from home is wonderful, but there’s a lot of distractions that can hurt your productivity. Your backyard office will keep you focused and allow you to do your best work. No more frustrating commutes!
dream potting shed home gardener

Potting Shed

Got a green thumb? A potting shed is a great way to take your gardening to the next level. We can even add a greenhouse to your structure, making it a great place to start your garden off right.
storage shed shed for storage

Storage Space

Sheds are traditionally used for storage. But that cookie cutter shed from the big box stores is a one-size-fits-all solution. Let us know what you need to store, and we can design you a storage shed that works for your needs.
woodworking shop home wood shop hobby shop

Woodworking Shop

If you like building things, whether it be woodworking or any other hobby you can imagine, think how great it would be to have a work shed to focus on those projects? It’s also a great place to pass on your skills to your children and future generations.
she shed commercial best she shed

She Shed

Cheryl would be jealous of our she sheds! They’re the perfect spot for you and the girls to relax, get away from the demands of everyday life, and take a minute to recharge. Oh, and we can put fire detectors in so it never burns down.
man cave shed create your own man cave

Man Cave

Get out of the basement with a man cave shed that will be the envy of all your buddies in the neighborhood. Our sheds make perfect backyard getaways to watch the game, catch up with friends, or play a few games of pool or poker.
home art studio home artist studio shed

Artist Studio

Get inspired to do your best work with a backyard studio. We have plenty of studio shed designs that work great for artists, and give them the seclusion from the hustle and bustle of daily life to create great works of art.
home writing studio home writer studio shed

Writing Studio

Need peace and quiet to write your next book? A writing studio shed is the perfect place to do it. We can outfit your structure with all the modern conveniences to make it a space to get inspiration and be productive.
dream pool cabana best pool cabana

Pool Cabana

You don’t have to settle for a basic pool cabana or pergola. Give your backyard pool a touch of class with one of our pool house designs. We can also create a custom design for you to make it uniquely yours.
dream playhouse shed


Why not consider a playhouse for your children? Let their imaginations run wild in a place of their own. It doesn’t even need to be a traditional playhouse, either - it can be a spaceship, a pirate ship, or whatever they can dream up!

When you order a shed from Lapp Structures you’re getting so much more than just a shed. You’re getting your very own personal DreamSpace with nearly endless possibilities. Will you use your new space to explore new hobbies? To focus on getting work done? To stash away all that extra clutter in your home? Or, will you use it to simply get away from it all and unwind? Whatever your DreamSpace may be, Lapp Structures is here to help make that dream a reality.

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