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You want a shed built to last. That’s our goal here at Lapp Structures. While our Amish built sheds might not be the cheapest you can find, the quality is far better than anything available at your local home improvement retailer. We focus on value and quality over price, which results in lower cost-of-ownership over the longer term.

This is something that you just don’t find from cookie cutter sheds at the big box retailers. They are mass produced, with little individual attention paid to each shed that’s built. Given the time we spend on each and every shed for our customers, it’s obvious why our sheds are of far better quality. We’re using higher end materials every step of the way, with our builders spending time to make sure every part of the shed is carefully crafted and assembled with precision.

Our work speaks for itself: in fact, the original sheds we’ve built for customers when we first started three decades ago are still delighting their owners. We expect our sheds, when installed correctly, to last for 35 years or more — a lifespan you’ll simply not get from a cookie cutter shed. It’s an investment into your property for years to come.

We believe so strongly in our construction that we gladly offer our customers a five year guarantee against any manufacturing defects. In the rare instances where something does go wrong, Lapp Structures will work to make things right. You are just as important to us as a past customer as a current customer.

Why do our sheds last so long? It’s because we use building materials from LP Building Products, a global leader in engineered wood materials.

Why LP Building Products?

LP Building Products’ wood materials feature their proprietary SmartGuard process. Using a combination of waxes, binders and zinc borates, this process helps protect against decay, fungi and termites in even the harshest environments. To prove it, LP products are subjected to intense testing against moisture and thriving termite colonies in the jungles of Hilo, Hawaii. Even after years of exposure, LP Smartside products remain unaffected.

Click the links to learn more about SmartGuard, or the various LP products we use.


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LP SmartPanel Siding

how the amish make a shed lancaster pa amish construction

LP TechShield Sheathing

how the amish make a shed lancaster pa amish construction

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