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Friendly Faces at Lapp Structures

Mike Lapp
Mike's DreamSpace: A light-flooded structure atop a cliff, overlooking gorgeous natural scenery.

As you’d expect from the son of family business founder, Mike Lapp was working for Lapp Structures as soon as he was able. With humble beginnings as the company’s designated “Gopher,” Mike helped with the odds and ends that come with building a structure, like clipping exposed nails or sweeping out sheds. Fast forward to today, and Mike is continuing his father’s legacy as owner and president of Lapp Structures.

Once you get to know Mike you can quickly tell he has a true passion for leading. When asked what his favorite movie or tv show was he responded with “biographies of successful business owners.” What animal would Mike choose be? A lion, of course. Even Mike’s favorite board game to play with friends, Acquire, revolves around running the most successful hotel chain, and apparently they take it very seriously.

When he isn’t running a business or developing his leadership skills, Mike dreams of a light-flooded structure atop a cliff, overlooking gorgeous natural scenery. Somewhere that experiences all four seasons throughout the year. Somewhere to escape with the family, or perhaps with his Acquire buddies for a game or two. Just make sure things don’t get too heated in the new DreamSpace, okay Mike?

John Huyard
John's DreamSpace: A spacious two-story horse barn.

John has held many positions during his 13 year tenure with Lapp Structures. The first 10 of which were spent holding multiple jobs in our shop and our onsite team, getting an intimate understanding of how our structures are built. With all that knowledge he’s gained over the years, along with his self-taught 3D rendering skills, John helps translate customer ideas into actionable plans for our builders.

Although he already has one Lapp Structures DreamSpace in the form of a Greenhouse, John dreams of owning a spacious two-story horse barn. The first floor would be dedicated to his horses, of course. The second though would be John’s own space to explore one of his curiosities: tinkering. When it comes to fixing, or rewiring gadgets, John seems to get a sense of satisfaction from improving or that which is broken.

Kyle Wenger
Kyle's DreamSpace: A two-story garage to indulge in hobbies.

On his business cards Kyle’s job title is listed as “Director of Marketing.” Once you spend any amount of time in the Lapp Structures’ office though, you quickly come to realize that barely scratches the surface. On top of marketing, Kyle is also responsible for all the little odd-jobs that come with a small office setting, including IT, photography, and even developing our playset division, Amish Direct Playsets. It sounds overwhelming, but he manages to make it look easy thanks to his smarts, and strong attention to detail.

When he isn’t being pulled in 8 different directions, Kyle dreams of a two-story garage to indulge his love of cars. He may not consider himself a full-on car expert just yet but, Kyle has a lot of experience to pull from his father, a seasoned diesel mechanic.

That would just be the first floor though! The second would be dedicated to a home-office where Kyle could escape to get serious work done. He even thinks about adding some gym equipment up there to blow off some steam. There would even be a little space left over for Kyle to practice the guitar, a relatively new hobby he’s picked up to connect more with his musically-inclined friends and family.

Dave Stoltzfus
Dave's DreamSpace: Two story garage with lots of room for storage.

It’s a joke around the office of Lapp Structures that the most commonly uttered question here has to be “Where’s Dave?” As Foreman, he not only has to lead our craftsmen in the shop, but to be a source of knowledge for everyone in the company. It’s no wonder everyone needs to talk to the guy!

Nobody knows our sheds like Dave, and no one has a greater impact on the quality we produce. Lucky for us, he’s the perfect man for the job.

Dave is what you’d describe as a man’s man. Always working on a project, he doesn’t set aside much time for leisure. He does some light reading when he can for the purpose of developing himself, and his faith, but most of his time is dedicated to his never-ending list of projects.

Being a man of action, Dave already has his own DreamSpace in the form of a Two-Story Garage. It’s mostly used to store all the tools he’s acquired over the years to maintain his property, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Dave would rather improve that which is around him, rather than stay in one place.

Ervin Lapp
Ervin's DreamSpace: Large pavilion with outdoor kitchen.

As one of the sons of Lapp Structures Founder, Ami Lapp, Ervin had humble beginnings in our workshop 11 years ago. He held nearly every position available in the shop including installing vinyl siding, framing, roofing, and even joining our outside assembly team for a time. Currently, Ervin works as our Dispatcher, and is responsible for scheduling, and overseeing the delivery of each and every structure we create.

It’s not an easy job, but after a quick conversation you’ll notice his eagerness to take on the challenge. Whether it’s developing his time management skills for the job, or expanding his knowledge of dendrology out of curiosity, Ervin strives for self improvement.

In the few moments of calm he has around here, Ervin daydreams of a 24’ x 24’ pavilion with an outdoor kitchen, complete with a meat-smoker and grill. Perfect for preparing the fish he caught on the 1200 acres he wished he had.

Allen Fisher
Allen's DreamSpace: Two story garage with a Man Cave.

It’s rare to see Allen in one spot for long. During his 22 years at Lapp Structures, he’s held nearly every position there is to hold. Currently, Allen finds himself as our Logistics Manager, as well as the general manager of our many retail locations, so he’s always on the move. Even outside of work, Allen is an avid runner and cyclist who often participates in marathons and centuries. He’s even biked across the Florida Everglades!

What would be Allen’s perfect DreamSpace? He’ll take a Two-Story Garage with a concrete floor. The first floor would be used to safely store cars and other “toys” he’s collected over the years, while the second floor would be his own personal man cave, complete with gym equipment to keep himself in peak condition.

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