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Single car garage.

Single Car

Our single car garages can be designed using our A-Frame, Garden Shed, and High Barn roof styles. They don’t only protect your car, but also add valuable additional storage space. In most designs, we can add a sturdy loft to free up floor space below.

A Frame, double wide garage.

Double Wide

Based upon our A-Frame design, the double wide gives you enough space to store two full-sized vehicles inside, while still providing additional space for storage. The double wide is also easy to install: delivered in two prefabricated sections, this large shed can be built in as little as a day.

Richmond style, double wide, garage.


The Richmond design allows for a steeper pitched roof than the double wide garage, no matter the length of the building. In addition to its desirable appearance, this provides a stiffer roof structure, for higher snow loads in northern climates. Eight foot high walls allow plenty of parking space for standard sized vehicles.

Lexington style, double wide, garage with a low attic.


Like the name suggests, this garage model comes with an attic down the center of the building. While it is not a full second floor, the Lexington has the most interior storage space of any of the garages we build, and in many municipalities does not require additional permitting like a two story model would.

Two story, double wide, garage.

Two Story

Does a loft not give you enough storage space? Choose a two story model instead. This allows you to make your garage dual purpose: while your vehicles are stored safely below, the upper floor can be a home office or studio, she shed or man cave, or just simply a second attic.

Two story, 3-wide, garage.


For when you simply can’t compromise on space. The Gambrel Garage is a timeless design, inspired by the countless barns scattered across Pennslyvania’s countryside, that also offers a lot of practically. Just be sure you have the vertical space needed to accommodate.

Our garages may be perfect for storing away cars, but with all that space you’ll have extra room to be creative. With all that space you’d have room for a woodworking shop, or your very own upstairs mancave/she-shed. Whatever your needs are, our design consultants are here to help guide you to your new DreamSpace.

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