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Double wide garage.
white smartpanel two car garage
Double wide garage.
board and batten double wide garage
Double wide garage.
Double wide garage.
tan smartpanel doublewide garage
Double wide garage.
white smartpanel two car garage
Double wide garage.
board and batten double wide garage
Double wide garage.
Double wide garage.
tan smartpanel doublewide garage

Double Wide Garage

Double wide garages, also referred to as two car garages, are an ideal option for families. The demands of modern family life often require more than two vehicles, and with more people in the house, more space to store all of our belongings.

About the Double Wide Garage

Our double wide garage design is based on our A-Frame shed design. An economical entry level style comes prebuilt in two sections, which are then joined together onsite. Because of hauling restrictions, this model has a relatively flat roof pitch of about 3/12. A standard web truss garage typically has a 5/12 roof pitch. Should you need additional interior space, opt instead for our 7/12 roof pitch, which allows an attic truss design with an interior staircase to reach the upper floor.

Obviously, the double wide requires substantially more horizontal open space on your property, so we’d only recommend this option should you have the space for it. If it’s additional storage space you’re looking for, a two story model might be a better option as long as you have the space to build vertically.

All of our double wides include a side entry door to allow you to enter the garage without using the garage doors. Vertical slider windows on the sides and back come with screens and window trim as part of the package.

Built With High Quality Materials

Your new double wide garage is only built from the best materials. Construction features that are standard include:

  • Roof is built with 2×6 rafters 16 in. O.C. and 1/2″ exterior-grade TechShield sheeting with lifetime (limited) architectural asphalt shingles
  • Walls have 2×4 studs 16 in. O.C. and TechShield wall sheathing
  • Floor is built with pressure-treated floor joists 8 in. on center and 5/8″ exterior-grade plywood on top of 4×4 pressure-treated runners

All garages we build feature a five year guarantee against any defects in manufacturing. If something goes wrong, we’ll fix it. But we’re sure you’ll have decades of trouble free use with minimal maintenance.

For More Than Just Cars

You could use that second garage to park a second car, obviously, but why limit yourself to just that? Perhaps you own a boat that you’re paying to store offsite? A double wide garage could save you that monthly rental fee, as well as give you some peace of mind storing on your own personal property.

What about a workshop? With all that extra space you’ll have plenty of room for work benches, table saws, belt sanders and more. Maybe you’re thinking more along the lines of mechanic work? You’ll have more than enough room for an actual car lift, so no more laying on cement to get a look underneath your vehicle. Plus you’ll have plenty of leftover space for your tool chests.

With all the potential a double wide garage brings, it helps to have someone guide you through the process. Let our experienced design consultants assist in creating the perfect structure to fit your budget, and your space.

Make It Yours.

Also, consider these options and upgrades:

  • Storage and organization – a loft, pegboard, workbench or shelving
  • Electrical package
  • Vents – gable vents (two sizes to choose from), roof vent or soffit vent
  • Ramp
  • Spray foam insulated floor
  • Dormer – shed, reverse gable or Cape cod
  • Roof upgrade – cedar shakes, ribbed metal or standing-seam metal
  • Siding upgrades -beaded vinyl, HardiePlank, board-and-batten, cedar shake (and more)
  • Window upgrades – insulated, wood sash, arched wood sash and transom
  • Shutters – wood slat, vinyl raised panel or vinyl louvered
  • Cupola – louvered or windowed

A garage is a large purchase, so let us help you narrow down the options and design a structure that will meet your needs for years to come!

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