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Lexington Garage

If you are looking for a double wide or larger sized garage, an attractive option is to opt for the Lexington garage design. While this will not provide you with a full sized second floor, it will give you valuable extra storage space above the main floor. Each Lexington model comes with a permanent staircase for access to the upper levels, making access to the attic area easy and convenient.

Richmond vs. Lexington

So what is the difference between the two types of trusses used in these structures? With an Lexington, two beams are placed diagonally meeting at the top of the roof. For support, a small cross beam is placed in between close to the top, providing stability to the roof while also allowing for open space underneath, which creates attic space.

While this truss method is still extremely sturdy, and still allows us to forego the need to build supports for the roof, it does put size limitations on the structure. However here, customers are typically looking for additional storage space that can be hidden away.

Due to the complexity of these structures, Lexington garages must be built on-site.

Construction Features

Here is some useful information and specifications for the attic truss garages:

  • The roof is built with attic style trusses 16″ O.C. and 1/2″ exterior-grade TechShield sheeting with lifetime (limited) architectural asphalt shingles
  • The walls have 2×4 studs 16 in. O.C. and TechShield wall sheathing
  • Includes one single prehung solid door
  • Three (3) 30×60 vinyl insulated windows
  • Includes two (2) 9 ft. x 7 ft. overhead doors (insulated)

Make It Yours.

Also, consider these options and upgrades:

  • Storage and organization – a loft, pegboard, workbench or shelving
  • Electrical package
  • Vents – gable vents (two sizes to choose from), roof vent or soffit vent
  • Ramp

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