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Two Story Garage

While some of our one-story garage designs include an attic, sometimes that’s just not enough space. Or perhaps you have other ideas in mind: maybe a home office or studio, a she shed or man cave, or just simply more space for all your stuff – so you can get more stuff. How about a two story garage instead?

About the Two Story Garage

Our quality Amish built two story garages are wonderfully versatile buildings, and their potential uses are only limited by your imagination. Like our quality one story garage designs, you can choose from either a single or double-wide design depending on your needs and available land.

Our single wide two story garages come standard with 9′ high side walls and a steep 10/12 pitch roof, while the two story double wide garages come with 10′ high side walls and a 7/12 pitch roof.

Think outside the box when designing your two story garage. What are your current needs in a garage? What needs do you foresee down the road? If you’ve considered adding on to your home for additional entertaining space or a guest bedroom, why not build that into your garage project?

Floor and Roof Options

Our garages come standard with a wood floor installed on a stone pad. However, if you plan to park wet vehicles in your new garage, you may want to consider a concrete floor instead. Though more expensive, it allows you to install a drain in the floor to remove moisture, and eliminate rot and mold concerns.

Our standard two story garage design comes with an A-frame style peaked roof. This works well for basic storage, and other occasional usage of your second floor. If you’re considering finishing out your second floor as a living space, consider either dormers for additional ceiling height, or a Gambrel-style roof.

Two is Better Than One

Two heads are better than one, and the same adage applies to floor levels in your garage as well! For home owners with smaller yards looking to maximize the space they have, a two story garage can add a lot of utility without the need for a lot of property space. What could you do with all that extra square footage?

  • Mancave – A perfect combination of car garage downstairs, mancave upstairs. The perfect hangout spot for any gearhead and their buddies.
  • Extra Bedroom – With a bedroom or apartment over your garage you’ll always have a private space for family and friends to stay when they spend the night. You could even rent it out part-time on services like AirBnB for a little extra income.
  • Extra Storage – Who couldn’t use more storage space? Always have a place to store those Christmas decorations when you have all that storage above your garage.
  • Detached Home Theater – Love to watch movies? With a personal theater above your garage you can crank the sound system as loud as you want without disrupting everyone else in your home. Add a few game consoles to the mix and suddenly you have the ultimate gaming room.

Speak with one of our design consultants today to discuss your options, and we’ll get to work designing and building a quality Amish built two story garage right away.

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