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Beverly Menke's Testimonial on Building an Art Studio with Lapp Structures

Beverly Menke’s Testimonial on Building an Art Studio with Lapp Structures

At Lapp Structures, we have the privilege of working with extraordinary individuals who possess a deep passion for their craft. Beverly Menke, a talented and accomplished artist, approached us with a unique vision—to create a custom-built painting studio that would serve as her creative sanctuary. Collaborating closely with Beverly, we embarked on a remarkable journey to transform her artistic aspirations into a tangible reality. Let us share with you the story of how Lapp Structures brought Beverly Menke’s artistic vision to life.

Crafting a Custom-Built Masterpiece

From the moment we connected with Beverly, we recognized her unwavering dedication to her artistry. Our team at Lapp Structures embraced the opportunity to collaborate with such a talented artist, and we set out to meticulously design and construct a custom New England Barn that would exceed her expectations. Through detailed consultations and a deep understanding of Beverly’s requirements, we ensured that every aspect of the studio aligned perfectly with her artistic needs.

Lapp Structures’ Dedication to Translating Beverly’s Vision

Beverly Menke’s artistic vision served as the guiding light throughout the project. Our commitment to excellence and personalized service drove us to carefully listen to Beverly’s aspirations and transform them into a tangible structure. We worked hand in hand with her, incorporating her artistic sensibilities and workflow into every element of the studio’s design. By maintaining open lines of communication and a collaborative approach, we ensured that Beverly’s vision remained at the heart of the project.

Creating a Haven for Inspiration

The culmination of our collaboration with Beverly is a breathtaking custom-built painting studio that embodies her artistic essence. Nestled amidst nature’s beauty, the 14′ x 30′ New England Barn we constructed for Beverly serves as a serene haven where inspiration flourishes. The seamless integration of spacious interiors and ample natural light creates an inviting ambiance, allowing Beverly to fully immerse herself in her creative process. The studio provides a sanctuary where she can showcase her artwork, meet with clients, and find solace in her artistic endeavors.


The partnership between Lapp Structures and Beverly Menke exemplifies the power of collaboration in bringing artistic visions to life. Our team’s unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, attention to detail, and personalized service ensured that Beverly’s dream of a dedicated painting studio became a reality. As we continue to empower artists and creators, we are honored to have played a part in Beverly’s artistic journey. Together, we have created a space where her creativity can flourish, leaving an indelible mark on the world of art.


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