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Building an At Home Gym in a Shed

It’s a story that repeats itself every year. New year new me, and for a lot of people out there, that means focusing on improving their health. Unfortunately, that also means gyms can be absolutely packed during the first few weeks of the year. 

It can make starting this new, healthier lifestyle that much harder. Fighting traffic after work just to get to the gym, constantly waiting for machines to open up, crowded locker rooms… Not fun at all. 

Here at Lapp Structures, we just may have the perfect solution to keep your health goals on track. The detached home gym shed. A space where you can easily escape to to focus on yourself and attaining those goals. We’ll explain what to look for in the structure, as well as recommendations to help you stay on track.

Best Home Gym Shed Styles

Shed used as a home gym
This 18′ x 14′ Garden Shed gym offers plenty of space for most workout routines

What are the absolute necessities for a home gym? Chances are you’ll be moving quite a lot. Stretching, jumping, lifting, running, so open space is a must. Both floor space AND vertical space, so you’re not banging your hands on the ceiling while attempting that new yoga pose. 

That means you’ll want a shed style with a steeper roof pitch to give you all the overhead space you’ll need. Look at our Colonial Garden Shed, New England Barn, or High Barn. Not only will this extra vertical space help during your workout, it also opens up the possibility for a loft for extra storage space. Do you need more than just a home gym? Consider a two story garage, and build your gym in the second story!  

Ventilation is also key. There’s nothing worse than trying to work out in a stuffy space. When choosing the perfect shed style for your home gym, make sure you have plenty of windows to crack for when you start to warm up. 

That means our Studio shed style could also be the perfect fit for you. With two rows of windows in the front you’ll have plenty of ventilation to keep you cool. Plus, the extra natural light can help your overall mood while staying motivated.

Options for your Home Gym

yogo studio in a garage attic
The second story of this garage makes an excellent Yoga Studio

Once you have the style nailed down, you’ll need to consider what options you’ll want for a home gym. There’s plenty to choose from, so it’s important to consider your health goals. 

Are you trying to shed some weight, or improve your heart health? Sounds like you’ll need a lot of cardio in your routine. If that’s the case you’ll definitely want to consider an electric package. Unless you plan on running in place, you’ll need the outlets to plug in your treadmill, or elliptical. Plus, it gives you the option to mount a TV, so you have something to help pass the time. We can even add a ceiling fan receptacle box to help you keep cool during those last few minutes of your routine.

For smaller equipment you should also think about adding shelves to your new home gym. Excess clutter can be a stresser that can keep you from being consistent, so make sure your jump ropes, water bottles, weights, and yoga mats have a place to live when they’re not in use.  

On the other end of the health spectrum we have people looking to GAIN weight, and build their strength. If your health goals require storing, and lifting heavy weights you may want to consider our sturdier 2 x 8 tongue and groove flooring . 

Our standard floors can certainly hold up to a typical workout session, but you never know when you’ll need to drop a dumbbell. If that situation ever happens, it’s nice to have peace of mind that it won’t crash through the floor.

Make it Your Own

tv mounted in home gym shed

Regardless of what style shed or options you choose, it’s important that you actually enjoy being in your new home gym. Consistency is key when improving one’s health, so make sure to include all the creature comforts you’ll need.

Do you think of yourself as an audiophile? A decent set of speakers can pump out the tunes needed to inspire you to work through that extra rep. Do you use protein shakes to recover after a stressful workout? A mini fridge in your home gym means you can grab that relief as soon as you need it.

Whatever you choose to fill it with, chances are your home gym is going to be way more comfortable than dealing with the “New Years crowd” at your local gym. Plus, you’ll be all the more motivated to reach your 2020 health goals with your own space at home.

So do yourself a favor and give us a call to start designing your very own. Our Design Consultants will provide years of experience to deliver the perfect home gym for you. When 2021 rolls around you can be proud of the new you you’ve become.


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