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Critter guard.

Critter Guard – Don’t Let Critters Turn Your DreamSpace into Their Home

So you just had your brand new DreamSpace from Lapp Structures delivered! You spent countless hours thinking over its design. Took the time and care to have a proper stone pad built. You even landscaped your yard so the new shed fits right in. At this point, you’re more than ready to start making it your own, and enjoying the new space.

Unfortunately, you may not be the only one eager to start using your brand new shed…

Did you know that those cute, typically harmless, gray squirrels that are everywhere in PA are responsible for millions of dollars worth of property damages each year? The same applies to other small animals like rabbits, groundhogs, voles, racoons, and so many more. 

Critters like these are always on the lookout for a convenient hiding space for shelter. Unfortunately, the spaces in between a shed’s floor joists can make the perfect space for these animals to take up residence. 

While it may seem like a fun idea at first to have a family of adorable bunnies living nearby, things can quickly turn sour when their drive to chew kicks in. Suddenly, that family of rabbits, or squirrels, or groundhogs that have been living outside, will slowly make their way inside; right through your flooring.

It’s a tale we at Lapp Structures have heard countless times. So, is there anything that can be done to keep these damaging Critters out of your brand new shed? 

Meet the latest shed option from Lapp Structures: Critter Guard.

Critter Guard consists of a series of powder-coated, heavy-gauge wire mesh segments that can be secured around the outside perimeter of any shed . The heavy-gauge wiring can hold up to the most veracious of chewers. Plus its powder-coated exterior will withstand years of outdoor exposure.

How does it work?

Critter Guard needs to be installed after your shed has been placed on its crushed stone pad. Once you’re happy with your shed’s placement, our dedicated delivery drivers will get to work installing your critter guard in four easy steps:

Step #1: The installer will dig out a small trench in your crushed stone pad, along the end of your shed’s foundation runners (varies by width of shed).

Step #2: The installer will begin fastening the wire mesh segments to the flooring of your shed. The wire mesh will be cut so that it ends up resting in the trench that has been dug in the previous step. 

Step #3: The mesh segments will then be secured together at each foundation runner to form one unified, protective barrier.

Step #4: Gravel is then backfilled into the trench so that it completely covers the bottom of the wire mesh, ensuring nothing can crawl underneath it.

That’s all there is to it! Once installed, Critter Guard will make it nearly impossible for rodents to take up residence under your shed, while still allowing air to pass through to keep your flooring nice and dry. 

How Much Does it Cost?

The pricing on Critter Guard will depend on the width of your new shed.

10’ – 14’ wide sheds will cost $295.00 to install Critter Guard

6’ – 8’ wide sheds will cost $460.00 to install Critter Guard

“Why does it cost more to add Critter Guard to a smaller shed?” you may ask. 

A foundation runner will always be placed at the very edge of each eave with wider sheds, meaning we only need Critter Guard on your shed’s Gable sides. 

For smaller sheds that require less structural support, the runner will not be installed at the very edge of both eaves for hauling purposes, meaning critters can enter the underside of your shed on all four sides. 

To put it plainly – wider sheds only need Critter Guard on their gable side, whereas narrower sheds will need it installed around the entire perimeter. 

If you’re interested in having us build you a new DreamSpace and in keeping it free from critters and varmints alike, give us a call! Our team of friendly Design Consultants can help guide you to the perfect, squirrel-free shed of your dreams.


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