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Garden Greenhouse.
Garden Greenhouse.
Garden Greenhouse.
Garden Greenhouse.
Garden Greenhouse.
Garden Greenhouse.
Garden Greenhouse.
Garden Greenhouse.

Garden Greenhouse

Garden Greenhouses takes everything great from our original A-Frame Greenhouse design, and applies it to a taller, Garden Shed-like roofline. This means you’ll have higher walls, a steeper roof pitch, and far more workable space on the inside of your new greenhouse.

About the Garden Greenhouse

The Garden Greenhouse was designed to be a serious Gardener’s best friend during the colder Winter months. Built using Twin-wall Polycarbonate panels, it can easily maintain an ideal growing climate for seedlings in late Winter months. This means heartier and healthier plants, plus more time to enjoy the hobby you love.

Thanks to its higher 5’ 6” walls, and steeper 9/12 roof pitch, the Garden Greenhouse has plenty of space to move around in. No crouching required! And, you can add built-in potting benches for plenty of room to keep your sprouting plants.

Looking for more of a centerpiece to your backyard garden? Add our 24” high Siding Skirt for a more “finished” and customized looking greenhouse that will beautifully elevate the look of your backyard.


Building Specs

  • Roof: Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Panels at a 9/12 roof pitch. Includes two manual Roof Vents
  • Walls: 2×4 PT Dadoed Wall & Roof Framing. Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Panels. Azek or MiraTec Exterior Trim
  • Floor: No Floor
  • Doors: Single Entry Door

Features to Consider:

    • Solar Package including fan, louvered vent, thermostat, and solar panel
    • 24” high skirting in a variety of siding types
    • Built-in Potting Benches

If you’re feeling overwhelmed just call us and tell us what you’re looking for. We’d be glad to help make your greenhouse shopping experience a breeze!

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