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Trick our your Man Cave Shed this Black Friday

Man Cave Shed Gadgets on Sale This Black Friday

Since introducing the idea of DreamSpaces, the Man Cave Shed has always been one of our more popular options. It makes sense too. The idea of your own space dedicated to your hobbies, or just a place to relax, is awfully appealing. While we can provide the ideal shed with electric hookups, and plumbing, it’s up to you to add your own personal touch.

With Black Friday right around the corner, now is the time score big on things you love for your man cave. Upgrade that old 1080p tv to 4k. Add some seating space so all your buddies can enjoy the game in comfort. Upgrade your favorite gaming console to the latest and greatest. Whatever your dream man cave may include, chances are it’s on sale this time of year.

We’ve collected 6 ideas you can use to trick out your new, or future man cave shed this season.

Save on a Brand New Man Cave TV

We’ll get this one out of the way first. In most cases, a TV is integral to any great man cave shed. It’s no secret retail stores HEAVILY discount TVs during Black Friday. Plus, now that 4k resolution is more mainstream, it’s the perfect excuse to upgrade that old 1080 model.

A higher resolution TV means you catch every detail of your favorite sport. Or, if you’re into gaming, a better TV means better immersion in your favorite pastime. It can even give you a slight edge in competitive games. 

If you do plan on upgrading your TV you can’t forget to…

Bump Up the Sound on a Budget

A new TV is all well and good, but what’s the point of an amazing picture if the sound is mediocre? Discounted speakers are everywhere during Black Friday. Chances are good you can score the perfect set for your needs.

Soundbars, for example, are an affordable way to upgrade any tv speakers with some extra bass. Consider yourself more of an audiophile? There are plenty of surround sound systems on sale that can be placed throughout your man cave shed. Plus, if you haven’t finished the inside of your shed, you can easily hide all those pesky wires for a cleaner finished look.

Add an Internet Connection for Less

We’re able to set up electric and plumbing in your man cave, but an internet connection is another story. If you’re like most people you probably have wireless internet in your home already. 

Unfortunately, most of these wireless routers probably won’t reach your detached shed. Even if it does, your connection won’t be nearly as good as it is in your home. Luckily, Black Friday is the perfect time to upgrade to a mesh network that will push your man cave shed into the 21st century.

These typically include 3 small “hubs” that can be placed throughout your house. Plug one into your home’s modem, and the rest just need to be plugged into a wall outlet. When they’re all up and running they’ll work together to create a HUGE wireless network. Make sure you place one in your shed, and you’re all set for video streaming! 

Keep the Drinks Cool with a New Mini Fridge

Never have to leave your man cave again with your own personal minifridge. A new minifrige can be the centerpiece to a new detached bar, perfect for entertaining during a big game.

There are even different types of minifridges on sale this season for specific needs. Wine fridges, for example, have racks to store your bottles on their sides. Or stock up on an entire keg of your favorite brew and keep it cold and on tap with a kegerator. This will surely impress the snobbiest of beer drinkers you know.

Keep Your Man Cave Shed Comfortable with a Hot + Cool Fan

Since Black Friday is right before Winter, it’s super important that your man cave shed can stay comfortable. Hot + Cool fans are pretty costly, but now’s the time to get one at more reasonable prices.

What makes these perfect for sheds? It comes down to ease of installation – there is none! Simply plug it in, and you’re ready to go! No worrying about ventilation or condensation. As an added bonus, most models will double as an air purifier. Plus, they just look awesome.  

Set the Mood with Smart LED Lights

Do you have a hard time deciding what color you want the inside of your man cave to be? LED smart lights can let you change the inside of your shed anytime you want! 

As an added bonus, most options come with smartphone apps that let you control them remotely. So that means no more fumbling around a dark shed trying to find the switch. You can even dim the lights before a movie right from the comfort of your favorite chair.

Not only are they cheap to purchase this time of year, they’re cheap to run. Swapping out an old incandescent bulb with an LED means you’ll save an average of $6 a year on your electric bill. They also last forever, so no more changing dead bulbs every few months.

Whatever Interests YOU

Man cave can be a vague term. There are some common themes that we see, but each cave will be unique to their respective owner. 

Luckily for us all, retailers are tripping over themselves to get our attention this holiday season. Whether you need a new TV, or writing desk, or table saw – whatever it may be – there’s a chance it’ll just a little cheaper on Black Friday.

So good luck this season! Don’t stay out too late, and be careful of any unruly mobs you may come across. 

Whatever you may score this season, Lapp Structures is here to provide a high quality structure to safely store it all. Contact our Design Consultant today to discuss plans for your future dream man cave.


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