Build and price your new shed using our 3D Shed Builder!

Outdoor Living


Define space in your backyard for entertaining with friends, or relaxing on your own.


Create your outdoor DreamSpace with a pavilion that shelters you from the elements while still experiencing the great outdoors.


Add a brand new room to your home that lets you experience nature in total comfort.

Outdoor Furniture

Highly durable, and very stylish. Our poly furniture is the perfect accessory to any new shed or poolhouse. Relax and enjoy the outdoors, or create the perfect space for entertaining.

Pedestrian Bridges

Custom built pedestrian bridges that provide easy access over streams, ponds, and french drains while adding interest to your backyard landscaping.

Open air structures like Pergolas, Pavilions, and Gazebos add depth to an otherwise empty backyard, and offer a sense of privacy while still experiencing the great outdoors. All of our outdoor shade structures are built to last in Lancaster, PA by experienced Amish craftsmen.

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