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wooden pedestrian bridge
wooden pedestrian bridge

Pedestrian Bridges

A decorative pedestrian bridge can be the perfect solution for someone looking to bridge a gap on their property made by a water feature or french drain. They can also add dimension and charm to any flower garden, while providing a way to guide visitors to a particular portion of your yard.

You don’t need to own property with a water feature to appreciate an Amish-built pedestrian bridge. While they are built to be legitimate, load-bearing structures that can be professionally installed over a stream or pond, there can be many more uses for these bridges.

Pedestrian footbridges can also add visual interest to any flower garden, while creating a pathway to your yard’s most impressive focal points. They can also be a good solution for homeowners with uneven landscaping, by providing safe walkways over dangerous or inaccessible terrain like a french drain for example.

These Amish-Built pedestrian bridges offer many customizations to match your home’s existing aesthetic. Like our sheds, these bridges can be built with wood or vinyl with composite decking, and can range from 4’ long, all the way up to 20’. You even have up to 7 different railing options for even more customization. Once you’ve decided on your bridge’s material, length, and railing style, we’ll get to work building your new structure, then schedule a date to deliver and install in one solid piece.

Make it Yours

  • Bridge Length: 4’ up to 20’
  • Building Material: Available in wood and vinyl. Composite decking available for either option
  • Railing Options: Multiple styles to choose from include Japanese, Victorian, Rope, and more.
  • Color: Stain options are available for wooden bridges. Vinyl railings available in white, almond, or clay

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