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Shed Repair: Fix It, Or Replace It?

It’s a question that nearly every shed owner will need to ask themselves at one point: Should I repair my shed? Maybe the bottom two feet of siding has begun to rot, or its shingles have begun to curl, or the front door just doesn’t quite close all the way. Either way, you’ll need to ask if a shed repair makes sense, or should I simply order a new one? 

At Lapp Structures, we design, build, and deliver custom sheds, garages, and poolhouses. With a proper foundation, and routine maintenance, our structures can realistically last 20 – 30 years. But maybe you’ve inherited an old shed from a home purchase, or perhaps the structure is simply getting that old.

What kind of damage does your shed have?

This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing to repair your shed or replace. Just like with any structure, some problems you’ll encounter are easier to fix than others. Here are just a few example of common problems we’ve seen with older structures

Water Damage

Damaged shed.

Runoff from your shed roof can sometimes splash back onto the structure. Over time, this excessive moisture can absorb into the shed’s exterior, causing it to rot. The water-damaged parts of the structure will need to be replaced altogether in most cases.

If caught early enough, a shed repair could be possible. A small area of damaged wood siding can be cut out, replaced, and covered with a vinyl siding exterior for example. If left untreated for too long though, the damage can add up, and a full replacement makes more sense. 

More importantly, the issue that’s causing the excessive moisture problem will need to be addressed. More often than not, this comes down to an issue with the sheds foundation. 

Lapp Structures recommends any structure be placed on a crushed stone pad that’s at least 6″ deep, and two feet larger than the dimensions of your shed. This will ensure moisture falling off the shed’s roof will drain safely through the stone.

Broken or Missing Shingles

Broken shingles.

Depending on the nature of the damage, repairing an asphalt roof can make a lot of sense. For example, if individual shingles have been damaged from hail or wind, a shed repair is simply a matter of replacing them before more damage is done.

On the other hand, asphalt shingles do have a limited lifespan. Most advertise a 30-year span, but it’s possible they can fail quicker than expected for a number of reasons.

In the Northeast, shingles can be damaged by quick changes in temperature. These temperature swings cause the asphalt shingles to expand and contract, sometimes causing cracks. These fluctuations in temperature can also decrease the effectiveness of their adhesive strip. 

If you’re dealing with any of these symptoms of an aging roof, you may want to consider a replacement over a shed repair. Depending on the size of your roof, the costs can add up. Plus, chances are if your roof is aging, so is the rest of the structure. Instead of investing time and money in repairs, a full replacement can be worth it for the piece of mind a new structure provides. 

Termites and Ants

Insects damaging a shed.

A terror for any homeowner, termites and ants are responsible for billions of dollars of damage every single year. Termites are especially voracious, and are capable of causing severe damage to a structure in a matter of days.

Can you repair a shed with termite and ant damage? The answer, again, depends on how early you notice the problem. 

Infestations must be dealt with immediately, preferably by a licensed exterminator. Once your shed is cleared of these pests, it’s time to take inventory of the damage.

Small amounts of damage to a shed’s frame can be replaced or bolstered, as well as sections of wood siding. A full replacement may make more sense if multiple foundation runners, or studs have been affected. 

Sticking Doors & Windows

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Sticking doors and windows may not sound severe, but it’s certainly a major inconvenience. If you start to notice your door doesn’t close as nicely as it used to, you may want to consider your shed’s foundation.

If your shed’s foundation is not level, the structure can begin to settle unevenly. When this happens, the frame of the structure becomes slightly skewed, which places excess stress on your doors and windows.

A shed repair is certainly possible in this situation. The hardest step in fixing this problem would be jacking up the entire structure. This will then allow someone to level off the (preferably crushed stone) foundation. 

We’re Here to Help

If you find yourself needing to replace your old, or damaged structure, we’re here to help. Lapp Structures has been designing, building, and delivering custom sheds, garages for over 30 years. Give us a call or contact us to speak with a friendly Design Consultant to guide you to your next DreamSpace. 

We can even help with removing your old shed while we’re there!


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