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Dutch Colonial

While Colonial is in its name, don’t confuse the Dutch Colonial shed with the Colonial Garden Shed. This design more closely follows our High Barn design, but adds a Dutch-style “flared” eave to set it apart.

About the Dutch Colonial Shed

The roof style is called a “gambrel roof.” It normally has three ridges: one on the peak, and one on either side to create a second, steeper pitch along the outer edges. Additionally, the Dutch Colonial adds a third pitch near the ease of the roof, to achieve its unique appearance. There is ample vertical space inside the Dutch Colonial shed, even with the addition of a loft.

On most Dutch Colonial sheds, a barn style door is placed in the center of one of the longer walls, adorned on either side by windows to allow light in. However, some of our customers have opted for a large door on one of the shorter walls, making it useful as a garage or storage for their lawn equipment. Positioning of the doors and windows are completely customizable.

Your Dutch Colonial shed comes with a host of available options including custom siding, shingle, window, and shutter styles, and a five-year guarantee against any manufacturer defects.

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