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Mini Barn

Think of the Mini Barn shed as a smaller version of our High Barn design. Intended as an entry-level model, it features lower 4’ sidewalls for a smaller vertical footprint.

About the Mini Barn Shed

While you’d think short walls would limit the interior space, the addition of the same gambrel roof found on the High Barn provides enough space to easily stand up inside in most sizes.

The gambrel roof features three ridges, one on the peak, and one on either side to create a second, steeper pitch along the outer edges. Those steeper pitches increase interior usable space.

You should have no problem fitting all of your garden tools and mounds of stuff inside. In fact, despite its smaller size our Mini Barn can house a standard size riding mower with space to spare – just add an optional ramp.

What could you use your very own Mini Barn shed for? We think these structures work great as backyard storage sheds or gardening sheds. Their simple design makes them unobtrusive – who doesn’t like the look of a little barn in your backyard?

You can customize your Mini Barn shed’s appearance with a variety of shingle and siding options, or choose the traditional red and white barn color scheme for a more classic look.

Amish built mini barn sheds from Lapp Structures come with a five-year guarantee against manufacturer defects, but we’re sure you’ll get many more years than that of trouble-free ownership.

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