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Potting Shed.
Potting Shed.
Potting Shed.
Potting Shed.
Potting Shed.
Potting Shed.
Potting Shed.
Potting Shed.

Potting Shed

Got a green thumb? Kick your gardening up a notch with your very own potting shed and greenhouse. Have a backyard spot to start your plants off right, gather your harvests at the end of the growing season, or even grow year-round.

Potting Sheds and Greenhouses

Potting sheds and greenhouses give you a place to store all your garden tools and equipment and a spot to work out of the elements, and should be on every avid gardener’s list. No matter the season or the weather, it can always be growing season in your gardener’s retreat. Best of all, it’s much more affordable than you think.

With climate control, lighting and electrical, plumbing, or other interior customizations, DreamSpaces by Lapp Structures can make your dream gardening hideaway a reality.

Beautiful Garden Storage in a Variety of Sizes

Depending on how serious of a gardener you are, you might need more storage space. That’s okay: our DreamSpaces come in a variety of sizes, and just about any of our models work as a potting shed.

We can also design greenhouse structures ranging in size from 6 x 8 ft. up to 14 x 28 ft, too. You don’t have to choose one or the other: we’ve designed potting sheds with greenhouse extensions for our customers, making for great multi-purpose structures. In fact, when we build our potting sheds for customers, we always recommend an attached greenhouse if your budget allows!

A Mental Health Retreat in Your Backyard

With your own garden shed and greenhouse you’ll have a dedicated zen getaway in your own backyard. Imagine disconnecting for a moment from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Imagine the satisfaction of tilling your own soil for future harvests, basking in the scents and sights of the flowers and vegetables that you helped create. It’s easy to see how a potting shed can provide essential nourishment for not only our bodies, but our minds as well.

The benefits of gardening have been well researched and shown to have many positive effects both mentally and physically. Cultivating soil to create life has been shown to decrease stress, and increase self-esteem, and the work involved during these early stages is also a great, low-impact activity that increases hand strength and dexterity. Even our immune system gets a boost from the increased exposure to sunlight which provides us with essential vitamin D.

With harvesting comes a sense of security and bounty from the satisfaction that you did this. You created natural, delicious food that you’ll get to enjoy and share with loved ones. It’s also worth mentioning that vegetables harvested from your garden shed will be packed with nutrients that are crucial to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

With all these benefits it’s no surprise home gardening has even been used to treat mental health disorders like depression. The new and growing field of “horticultural therapy” is giving patients of these mental illnesses and natural and therapeutic option for treatment. There’s still plenty of research to be done, but the combination of physical activity, and connection to nature provide a renewed desire to live, and an improvement of self-worth.

Customize Your Potting Shed

While our structures on their own are a great starting point, DreamSpaces are all about creating your perfect space. We have a variety of options available that we think you’d find attractive. How about a ramp to help you bring your wheeled garden tools inside? We also think adding shelving and workbenches will make potting easier, and give you spots to store your materials.

Some gardeners might appreciate larger doors, especially if you plan to pull a riding mower inside, and electrical connections so you can work well into the evening. Finally, venting and circulation will keep your working environment more comfortable and prevent your plants from wilting. All these options are available in addition to the flooring, siding, window, and roofing options available for all of our DreamSpaces.

Ideas for Your Potting Shed

Here’s a few ideas for what we think you should consider putting in your potting shed:

  • A potting table to work from
  • Large bins to store compost, potting soil, and fertilizer
  • A pegboard and hooks to easily store your garden tools
  • Lots and lots of pots
  • Shelving for organization
  • Plumbing and a sink to keep clean and also easily water your plants
  • A staging table to place potted plants before moving them outside
  • Anything that makes your workspace more comfortable!

Let DreamSpaces by Lapp Structures help you create your dream gardening hideaway. Just give us a call and one of our friendly, helpful design consultants will assist you in creating the perfect structure for your needs,budget, and property.

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