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Personal hideaway she shed.
Personal hideaway she shed.
Personal hideaway she shed.
Personal hideaway she shed.
Personal hideaway she shed.
Personal hideaway she shed.
Personal hideaway she shed.
Personal hideaway she shed.

She Shed

Men have their man caves. But women need their alone time too, and there’s a spot that could soon be in your backyard to get away from it all. It’s called a she shed, but it’s no ordinary outdoor shed! It’s got way more style than that.

What Are She Sheds?

Despite its popularity these days thanks to State Farm’s Cheryl and her burning she shed, these cute little getaways have been around for a while. They first gained popularity on sites like Pinterest, and appeal to our ever busier lives. Think of it as the woman’s version of the man cave.

What can you do with a she shed? Anything you want. Imagine a spot to escape the hustle and bustle of family life (if even for just a few minutes), or a spot to indulge in your favorite hobby.

Don’t worry about designing it: we’ll take care of that and create a she shed that makes you the envy of the neighborhood.

Let your imagination run wild on how you decorate it, and the interior design will reflect your personality. This is your space and no one else’s! Just imagine the days (or nights) you’ll spend inside getting away from it all and taking a moment for yourself. But hey, nobody’s telling you that you can’t invite a few close friends over.

Creating the Perfect She Shed

So how should you go about creating a she shed of your own? First, you’ll want to figure out what your she shed should be for. Keep these ideas broad rather than overly specific. Is it an inspiration space? A space for comfortable get togethers? A spot to isolate yourself from the hustle and bustle of daily life?

Next you’ll want to think about how to decorate your she shed, both inside and out. During the early stages of planning, our design consultants will guide you to your perfect exterior. Did you want a more traditional looking shed that will compliment your home? Perhaps you would prefer something a little more unique? Whatever your preference is, we have the talent and materials to make your dream a reality.

We have plenty of “off the shelf” colors and finishes to choose from, but we’re not just an “off the shelf” company. We pride ourselves on all the custom work we’ve completed in the past, and we’re eager to extend that experience to your very own, unique she shed. Consider vibrant custom colors and fancier shingles or a cupola if you’d like more personality.

After nailing down your desired exterior, you’ll want to think about how you’ll decorate the inside of your soon-to-be-oasis. Try hitting up local antique stores for furniture that will give your she shed an almost storybook atmosphere. Looking for a more contemporary feeling? Consider adding modern furnishings with a flat, geometric, minimalistic design to them. Whatever it may be, the goal is to fill your new space with things that instill joy.

Your she shed is your opportunity to create a space that reflects you. While Pinterest boards and magazine articles are great inspiration, in the end make it unique. Make it yours. You’ll be happier if you do.

Customize Your She Shed

There are many options available to make your she shed yours. Here’s just a few customizations that you can choose from for your own DreamSpace:

  • Add lofts or shelving to hide your stuff, or create a secluded hideaway
  • Optional electrical package
  • Interior finishing: tongue and groove boards and hardwood flooring
  • Spray foam insulated floor to keep your she shed warm in the winter
  • Vent upgrades: gable, roof, or soffit
  • Dormer options: shed, reverse gable or Cape Cod
  • Roof upgrades: cedar shake, ribbed metal or standing-seam metal
  • Siding upgrades: beaded vinyl, Hardie Plank, board-and-batten, cedar shake (and more)
  • Window upgrades: insulated, wood sash, arched wood sash and transom
  • Shutters: wood slat, vinyl raised panel or vinyl louvered
  • Cupola: louvered or windowed

(Oh, and we can install smoke detectors too so you can be sure nobody tries to burn down your she shed. Cheryl should have called us.)

If this all sounds like the close-by getaway of your dreams, give us a call so we can start designing and building the perfect space for your needs, your budget, and your property right away. You’ll be glad you did.

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