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Backyard writing studio.
Backyard writing studio.
Backyard writing studio.
Backyard writing studio.
Backyard writing studio.
Backyard writing studio.
Backyard writing studio.
Backyard writing studio.

Writing Studio

With a spot to put your thoughts to paper without the distractions of the outside world, there’s no limits to what you can do. Our structures provide the seclusion you need to do your best work in your very own writing studio, while adding new value to your property.

A Backyard Writing Studio to Inspire You

Imagine how nice it will be to have a spot that not only gives you the peace and quiet from everyday life, but also inspires you to write your best. That’s what a writing studio can do. No matter whether you’re working on your next article or your next book, we think any writer will appreciate such a space.

Some of the world’s greatest writers had studios of their own. Free of distractions, they created treasured works we still enjoy today. Could a noisy work environment be harming your inner Ernest Hemingway or Maya Angelou? We think it might!

Our DreamSpaces make for perfect writing studios. With high quality standard construction and many options to choose from, you’re only limited by your imagination. We provide the space: you provide the creativity.

What Features Should Your Writing Studio Shed Have?

While the final design is up to you, here’s some suggestions on what you should consider for your backyard writing studio. We think electricity is a must so you can power your computers, printers, and lights (we’re not stopping you from working on an old-fashioned typewriter though). This will also make it possible for you to control the temperature of the space through a small HVAC system, too.

Be sure to have plenty of storage for your works as well as books from your favorite authors and any reference texts you might need.

On the design side, we strongly recommend using a shed style that allows a considerable amount of natural light into the structure. As humans, we require a daily dose of natural light for our physical and mental health. To this end, we’d highly recommend our Studio shed design, however a few other models will work just as well.

What Will Your Writing Studio Look Like?

Like your writing, your new structure should reflect your personality. Consider the following options when dreaming of your perfect space!

  • Storage and organization: lofts, pegboards, workbenches or shelving
  • Electrical package: To power your computers and printers
  • Vents: gable, roof, or soffit
  • Spray foam insulated floor
  • Dormers: shed, reverse gable or Cape Cod
  • Roof upgrades: cedar shake, ribbed metal or standing-seam metal
  • Siding upgrades: beaded vinyl, HardiePlank, board-and-batten, cedar shake (and more)
  • Window upgrades: insulated, wood sash, arched wood sash and transom
  • Shutters: wood slat, vinyl raised panel or vinyl louvered
  • Cupola: louvered or windowed

We’d love to create your perfect inspiration space. Contact us today and our representatives will be glad to help you design and built the perfect home writing studio that fits your needs and budget.

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