Lead time for new structure orders is 14 weeks or more.

Animal Structures

Horse Barns & Run-Ins

Shelter for horses and other livestock doesn't have to be second-class. Built to last by Amish craftsmen who know what’s needed to care for horses.

Dog Kennels

Give “man’s best friend” the gift of freedom to roam outside while the family’s away with a custom-built dog kennel.

Chicken Coops

Available in a wide selection of sizes and styles. Perfect for those seeking greater control of their food sources.

Don’t settle for a run-of-the-mill structure for your pets or farm animals. Whether they provide food, labor, or just companionship, your animals deserve a safe and comfortable space all to their own. Let us guide you to a sturdy, hand-crafted structure, built by craftsmen that know how to care for farm animals.

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