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Shed Delivery Process


Lapp Structures uses several different methods to deliver your structure. In some cases, we can have our pre built sheds delivered directly to you, while some sheds are built on site. Which options are available to you depend on the size of the building you purchase and access to the site where the shed is to be placed.

Our preferred and most common method of delivery is via truck and trailer if possible. Your structure is built at our factory and delivered to you nearly complete. There are distinct advantages to this: this method is minimally disruptive to both you and especially your neighbors, and it can generally be completed within an hour or two.

In some cases it will make more sense for us to build your structure on-site, whether due to obstructions between the road and the site for your shed, or because your shed is too big to transport. We’ll discuss the delivery options available to you as part of your design process; photos of your yard or perhaps a site visit can aid in choosing the correct method.

Regardless of the delivery option you choose, it is crucial to make sure that you have adequate access to your prepared pad. To learn more about site preparation, click here.

Delivery by Truck & Trailer

amish shed delivery by truck

Large pre-built structures are delivered by truck and trailer. In order for us to get your structure to your pad location, we’ll need a clear path that is at least two feet wider than your structure. If turns are necessary, the path will need to be even wider. A height clearance of at least 14’ is required, although some structures may require additional clearance.

Another important factor is weather. For successful delivery, we’ll need an extended period of dry conditions. Since our entire truck and trailer will drive on your yard to the pad, the ground cannot be soft or saturated.

Delivery by “Mule”

While it may sound like we’re about to deliver your new shed the old fashioned way, a “Mule” is a nickname for a small, all-terrain mini forklift. In situations where we can’t navigate our truck and trailer through a customer’s yard, the Mule comes in handy. It works well for deliveries where there are tight turns, low clearance, or softer ground.

While we still bring your structure to you via our truck and trailer, the Mule takes over when it’s time to actually place the structure — and is offered at no additional cost to you. This option is feasible for small and some medium sized sheds, however larger sized sheds will need to be delivered through other options. Your sales consultant will be happy to discuss this option with you to see if it is feasible in your situation.

Built On-Site

Shed assembly.

Some sheds are too large for the Mule, or your yard may have too many obstacles to make delivery of the shed possible by either truck and trailer or Mule. In these cases, you’ll need to have the shed built on-site. We’ll deliver your building in kit form, with the floor and walls pre-assembled in modular sections. This allows us to carry your shed by hand, piece by piece, to its location. All we need is a walkway or single gate for access.

This delivery process is also necessary on very large buildings which cannot be transported assembled due to hauling restrictions.

Building on-site may require several days on-site, however most small to medium-sized sheds are finished in less than a day.

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