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Historically accurate shed.
Historically accurate shed.
Historically accurate shed.
Historically accurate shed.
Historically accurate shed.
Historically accurate shed.
Historically accurate shed.
Historically accurate shed.

Historic Structures

If you’re the fortunate owner of a historic property, you want to make sure everything is as historically accurate as possible. That’s where we come in; we will work with you to design a structure to complement your existing architecture while maintaining historical integrity. Your new building will look like it belongs there, thanks to our years of experience in designing for historic properties in the region.

Lean on Our Experience

Here in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, we pride ourselves in our rich heritage. Building structures that complement the area’s unique feel is what we’ve done for years.

Craftmanship is in our blood in Amish Country, and just like our ancestors have done for centuries, we still hand-craft every one of our high-quality sheds. You’re not going to get the same level of quality or architectural sophistication from an everyday pole building.

Each region is different, however. What works here may not work elsewhere. Preserve your own area’s look with a unique structure that’s designed from the beginning with the appeal of your historic property in mind.

By matching your new structure to the architecture of buildings already on the property, its addition is less disruptive. Doing business in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania as well as the greater Philadelphia area, we have quite a bit of experience in these types of builds.

Each Historic Property is Different

When considering a new structure for your property, you’ll first need to consider what fits. New Englanders might appreciate our New England Barn with its steep roof pitches. Others might choose to opt for our Victorian model, a nod to a popular architecture style found throughout the country. Have a craftsman home? You may want to consider our Colonial Garden or Quaker sheds.

The structure isn’t everything though. During the recreation of historic buildings, the exterior finish is just as important. Perhaps your historic property has sturdy stone masonry walls, a staple of historic properties in our own backyard of eastern PA, that need to be replicated to your new shed. Does your home have a unique wooden exterior? We’ve gone above and beyond procuring and installing custom exteriors in the past.

These are only general recommendations, and your particular property might call for a different design, but we’ve found these styles work best in these situations. Feel free to discuss your needs and concerns with our design specialists.

Don’t feel limited by these choices, though. Snap some photos of your historic property and we’ll custom design a structure that looks like it’s always been there. We love thinking outside the box – or more accurately here, the shed!

Make It Yours

DreamSpaces by Lapp Structures offers many color and style choices, along with optional extras to truly match your new structure to your historic property.

  • Vents: gable, roof, or soffit
  • Dormers: shed, reverse gable or Cape Cod
  • Roof: cedar shake, ribbed metal or standing-seam metal
  • Siding: beaded vinyl, HardiePlank, board-and-batten, cedar shake (and more)
  • Window: insulated, wood sash, arched wood sash and transom
  • Shutters: wood slat, vinyl raised panel or vinyl louvered
  • Cupola: louvered or windowed

Of course, we can add all of the modern conveniences you are used to, such as electrical hookups, plumbing, and climate control too. Just mention it when you talk to us. It’s your DreamSpace after all!

If you’re ready to talk about a custom-built structure for your historic property, contact us today. We are glad to help!

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