Metamorphosis of a Playhouse


Five Foot Wall Playhouse

When parents and grandparents begin their search for the perfect playhouse, they often are only thinking forward for the next two summers. We believe “Why limit its usefulness to just a few years?”. Because there is far more to a playhouse, we enjoy building with you a playhouse that develops different characteristics & grows with your child.

With some creative designing, we will make a safe place of imagination and wonder for the young toddler; we can add captains’ wheels, rope climbing ladders to lofts or ‘catwalks’ (height appropriate) with slides ending up inside or out.

Slight modifications – and this is where pre-planning comes in so that it doesn’t involve any structural changes – will see the child’s playhouse become the pre-teen playroom. Add in some furnishings and you will know where your teen is hanging out.

I have found that the bigger playhouses (8×12 & up) are the most versatile. We have designed huge playrooms (play-barns) that were built with the neighborhood kids & bouncing balls in mind. A place outside that is shaded from the rays of the sun or somewhere to go to burn energy while it is raining outside. One feature to keep in mind is having multiple doors. When swung open they will give the playhouse a breezy, open effect in the summer, but keep the chill out as they continue to be able to play out of the house well into the fall and sometimes even into the winter.

Since our structures are expected to last 35 years, the final stage of the ‘playhouse’ can take on various forms. There is a good chance that it will serve a second generation as a ‘playhouse’; or change its use to a garden shed or for storage. Also keep in mind our units hold a resale value, and can be sold and moved to a new owner.

– Linda


Board Batten Playhouse
Stone Front Playhouse with Porch