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Christmas themed storage shed

Storing Christmas Decorations Made Easier with a Shed

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but what follows immediately after can be a bit of a drag: Boxing Day. The last thing anyone wants to do after the whirlwind day of presents, family and a little too much food, is to spend the very next day pulling it all down, and organizing it for next season. Luckily for you, Lapp Structures has just the thing to make storing Christmas decorations easier: The Storage Shed.

So you may be thinking “More storage space is fine and all, but how would a shed make Boxing Day easier?” We get it! At first a shed can seem like just four walls and a roof. The thing is, when you dedicate a space to organize your life you’ll find all sorts of storage hacks to employ.

Storage Tip #1: Storage Hooks

storing christmas decorations like power cords on hooks

One of the most frustrating parts of Christmas decorating has to be untangling the mess of lights and power cords. It’s no surprise it happens year after year. After spending time storing Christmas decorations all day it’s all too tempting to just haphazardly coil up power cords, throw them in a box, and ignore them until next year.

Do next year’s you a favor and get yourself some storage hooks. They’re perfect for quickly wrapping up lights and power cords, then hanging as is. As long as they’re wrapped with some care, you’ll be able to grab and go the following year.

Plus, adding these hooks to your storage shed is a cinch. Especially if you haven’t finished the inside with drywall. Just securely screw them into one of the exposed studs and you’ll be all set. Not only are they great for cords, but they’re perfect for storing yard tools like shovels, rakes, and pitchforks.

Storage Tip #2: Add Built-in Shelves

More shelves in your storage shed means far more storage space

The goal of any great storage shed is to utilize as much space as possible without things becoming too cluttered. Keeping everything on the floor of your shed works in the short term, but will soon look like an episode of Hoarders once you start to fill it up. Luckily this can be easily avoided by adding built-in shelves to your structure.

This add-on is available with neary every shed style, and makes use of the walls of your structure to add tons of storage space. Storing christmas decorations like wreaths, lawn ornaments, or garlands will be a breeze, thanks to their sturdy build quality.

Storage Tip #3: Overhead Storage Bins

Keep storage bins filled with christmas decorations out of the way but hanging them under your loft

Walk into any retail store the day after Christmas and you’ll find TONS of plastic storage bins on display. These are fantastic for stashing away all sorts of decorations, but where do you put them when they’re full? Probably in the basement, or attic taking up limited space in your home, right? What if there was a better place to keep them?

We’ve noticed some customers installing brackets on the underside of their loft. Then, once their plastic bins are full of Christmas cheer, they hang them neatly overhead until they’re ready to come down next year. Not only are you storing Christmas decorations, but you’re making the most of your storage shed’s available space. Speaking of lofts, you really should consider…

Storage Tip #4: Using Your Loft

A loft adds tons of space, perfect for storing christmas decorations

When it comes to storing Christmas decorations, there really is nothing better than a loft. Bulkier items like Christmas trees and blow-up lawn ornaments can easily be tucked away so they’re not taking up valuable floor space. Depending on the height and style of shed you choose, you could realistically store all of your Christmas decorations in just the storage shed’s loft.

Storage Tip #5: Hanging Shoe Organizers

re-purpose hanging shoe organizer to store smaller christmas decorations

It can be so annoying digging through a plastic tub overflowing with festive odds and ends. Maybe you’re looking for that particular ornament you got two years ago as a gift. Or maybe you’re trying to find those bows to tie to the banister in your home. Whatever it may be, no one enjoys playing “Find the Needle in the Haystack: Christmas Edition.” Luckily there’s a tool that can help separate all those little trinkets, and keep them all very visible. 

Hanging shoe organizers are an excellent tool for those looking to optimize their organization game. It’s easy to see why. With rows and rows and separated pouches, they make not only a handy way to keep your shoes organized, but anything that can fit in your hand. That means they’re perfect for storing Christmas decorations like ornaments, rolled up stockings, smaller strings of lights, and more. Make sure you get a clear plastic one to easily see what is in each pouch. No digging required!

Just like the storage hooks from tip #1, adding shoe organizers to a shed is super easy. You can go the traditional route and hang one from your door, or if you need more than one, just add screws to your structure’s studs for multiple organizers.

So if you’re interested in making next year’s Boxing Day a little more bearable, contact one of our knowledgeable Design Consultants. They’ll help guide you to the perfect storage shed that will help you organize Christmas decorations, and anything else you need it to.


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